Membership benefits

Members have access to:

  • Food co-operative, where you can order local organic, ethical and environmentally-friendly products at affordable prices (save waste by re-using packaging).
  • Access to local fresh produce
  • Activities with like-minded people
  • Workshops and information sessions
  • Information updates/newsletters, community noticeboard
  • Low cost rental of tools/preserving equipment

Want to help?

Do you have skills you are able to share? For example:

  • Gardening e.g. propagation, seed saving etc
  • Cooking and preserving
  • Other home skills eg. sewing, darning, home-made cleaning products
  • Art/Craft eg. Photography, design, textiles, etc
  • Building/design eg. environmentally friendly design & construction
  • Business eg. administration, book keeping/accounting, computer skills, etc
  • Handyman/woman
  • Increasing energy-efficiency of existing homes/buildings

Membership and payment details

Cost per year

  • Couple or family: $25
  • Single:  $15

Electronic Funds Transfer

  • Bank: MECU
  • BSB: 313140
  • Account: # 23188992

(please note this is a different account to the co-op account)

Cheque or money order

Channel Living Inc
PO Box 7
Woodbridge Tasmania 7162


At Co-op on Fridays (2.30-5pm) or Saturdays (9.30-12.30pm)

Download our latest flyer and membership application form

Email Channel Living for further information.