Becoming A Subscriber

Enjoy the freshest local produce – and be part of something good. The Local Food for Local People (LFLP) Vege Box Program is proud to bring you the best of Tasmania’s bounty, picked at peak ripeness and naturally packed with the intense flavour and good nutrition that comes from healthy soil, clean water and warm sunshine.  Better still, the LFLP Vege Box Program’s delicious and nourishing produce is grown using regenerative practices by hands-in-the-earth farmers who really care about the land.

Three types of subscription are available: a “Weekly Box” (suitable for a family of 3-5, or a vegetarian couple), a “Fortnightly Box” (suitable for families and couples) or a “Weekly Bag” (suitable for couples).

Subscribers commit to paying a month in advance to support local growers, and in return they receive a box or bag of fresh seasonal produce. Subscribers must also pay a one-off refundable deposit. This allows security to growers and the scheme, creating a stable market.

Weekly box: $50 per week (deposit $100/$50 concession)

Fortnightly box: $50 per fortnight (deposit $100/$50 concession)

Bag: $30 per week (deposit $60/$30 concession)

Boxes and bags are packed with a variety of whatever produce is available that week to the value of the subscription minus a $2.50 packing fee.

All the information you need to get started is in our Terms and Condition. Please click on the link below or email the Co-ordinator ( to express your interest.

Terms and conditions Jan 2017