Special Resolutions proposed for Channel Living AGM, 7pm 23rd November 2017, Peppermint Bay

Proposed changes to the Channel Living Constitution

Click here for existing Channel Living Inc. Constitution

Note: the following changes are proposed in response to the recent scaling down of Channel Living’s activities with a view to making the organisation more resilient and versatile in the ebbs and flows of energy and drive of its members. The reduction in meeting times and addition of a clause regarding circulating resolutions reflects the modern capacity to conduct business via email between meetings when necessary.

Existing text to remain the same – normal text

Existing text to be deleted – bold and struck through

New text to be inserted – bold and red

Resolution 1 – Remove the necessity for accounts to be audited, in line with recent legislation changes (Oct 2016).

Note: This action has been suggested (by the Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading division of the Department of Justice) for incorporated associations with an annual revenue of less than $250,000. See http://www.consumer.tas.gov.au/registrations/incorporated_associations

All content of this clause 10 “Audit of accounts” to be removed and replaced with:

Audit of Accounts shall follow current minimum requirements of Incorporated Associations in Tasmania.


Resolution 2 – Change clause 23.1.b to reduce minimum number of committee members:

  1. Constitution of the committee

1)        The committee consists of –

  1. a) the officers of CL; and
  2. b) a minimum of 5 3 and a maximum of 7 other members elected at the annual general meeting.


Resolution 3 – Change clause 26.1 to reduce number of times committee must meet:

  1. Meetings of the committee

1)        The committee is to meet at least nine four times each year at any place and time the committee determines.


Resolution 4 – Change clause 26.5 so that the quorum is relative to the number of committee members, rather than a fixed number.

  1. Meetings of the committee

5)        A quorum for the transaction of the business of a meeting of the committee is 5 members of the committee a majority of the current committee members (i.e. more than half).


Resolution 5 – Insert a clause regarding circulating resolutions.

  1. Meetings of the committee

13) The Committee may pass a circulating resolution without a meeting being held. A circulating resolution is passed if all members of the Committee entitled to vote on the resolution agree to the resolution by sending an email to all other members of the Committee agreeing to the resolution as set out in the email. The resolution must be minuted as part of the business of the next meeting.