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Posted – 2nd April 2016

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Business Notices:

Yogalates™ chooses The Channel for Tasmania’s debut!

The Yogalates™ method, created in New South Wales, is now for the first time available in Tasmania.
What is Yogalates™? It may sound like a mysterious new coffee concoction, but it is a whole lot better for you! A cross between Yoga and Pilates, Yogalates™ is a comprehensive exercise system which embraces the latest research and methodology on functional movement, back care and exercise therapeutics.
Yogalates™ exercises mix both disciplines to develop core strength, help tone muscles, increase flexibility, and reduce stress.
The practice is modified to suit the clients. Customized exercises may be advised and time for rest and relaxation is offered.
A regular Yogalates session lasts between 700 to 90 minutes and suits all levels of ability and age, from the complete beginner to those with years of Yoga and Pilates under their belts. A very safe and accessible method making it ideal for sufferers of back pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, particularly beneficial for post natal women, Yogalates™ has launched at Margate Clinic on July 21st. Sveva Falletto, the teacher, will also run small groups Circuit Training  and other Classes at the same location, Fitness Test complementary for Circuit Training. Health Fund Rebates might be available as Sveva works with some of the major Insurance providers. For more information visit

dragonfly yoga

Dragonfly yoga offers public and individual Hatha Vinyasa yoga classes throughout the Channel and in Kingston.  The classes incorporate mindful movement to strengthen, stretch and relax the mind and body. Breathing exercises link the breath to the movement to bring a sense of calm to our busy minds. Mindful movement allows us to nurture our body in a pain free range of motion, to maintain and build strength and suppleness.

Current public classes:

–       Snug Beach Hall, Monday evening 7pm- 8.15pm

–       Kingston LINC Building D, Tuesday evening 6.30pm- 7.45pm

–       *Term 3 Margate Hall, Thursday morning 9.30am-10.45am

Bookings required.  10 week term $120, casual $15.

*If you have a group of friends and the above public class times and locations are unsuitable, we may be able to arrange a new class or block of classes.

*Private group and private individual classes available on request.

For all enquiries please contact Nicole ph: 0401 99 88 22 or email


With brassica planting upon us I’d like to spread the word that help is at hand. I’m selling insect netting for veggie gardeners called GrowCover that’s sure to keep the pests at bay.

Our adventure with GrowCover began in subtropical New South Wales in 2009 where the only enemies were cabbage moths that decimated brassicas and almost destroyed the commitment to backyard veggie growing. We bought some GrowCover out of desperation and installed it in our tiny suburban backyard. From then on we had fantastic success with brassicas including mini cabbage, bok choy, broccoli and kale grown under cover.

At the risk of sounding like a salesperson, since beginning our gardening life in the relative wilds of Woodbridge, GrowCover has saved us from insanity in the fight with possums, blackbirds, chooks and our old enemy the cabbage moth. In addition to pest deterrence, I’m using it successfully to speed up germination given the cooler climate, and last year had a bumper crop of tomatoes from our rejuvenated poly tunnel, using GrowCover instead of plastic to create a warmer environment without the risk of damage from too much heat.

If you’d like to check out my garden at Woodbridge, and pictures of GrowCover in action. See

For more ‘scientific’ information about how it works you can go to the website at   or call me on 0458 245 858 or send me an email at

Martine Langoulant.

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Private Notices:

Magimix Compact 3150

This food processor has had little use and comes with a selection of attachments so that you can slice, chop, grate, whisk egg whites and knead dough. It is very strong and is considered to be one of the best on the market.


Contact Kimmy 0447 736 624

Community Notices:

Christina Urso-Cale is a member of Channel Living and a local grower who is also a government- funded small business consultant. She is able to offer free and confidential business advice to our growers. She is happy to consult whether your gardening business is a hobby or a more commercial enterprise.

As she lives locally, Christina is happy to consult at your home.

You can contact Christina by email: or phone 0408 850 645