Our Growers

The Local Food for Local People (LFLP) Vege Box Program is on a mission to change the food system for the better. Ultimately, everything we do starts with our growers. We believe in incorporating our values of fairness, transparency and trust in every transaction we make. Far more than suppliers, our growers are our advisors, teachers and mentors. Without their knowledge, their land and their long-term commitment to growing the highest quality produce anywhere, none of what we do would be possible. Or nearly as much fun!

So here are some of the people that grow your food, and how and where it is grown:





And here is a report by subscriber Shar Molloy on a farm visit to Alex’s place that she organised for subscribers, growers and other interested parties:

Vege-box grower and Coop Tour 7th Nov 2013

It was a rainy morning, but that didn’t dampen the spirit of those attending, nor Alex’s generous enthusiasm and willingness to share. The misty rain enveloped the gorgeous valley beautifully.

Alex wonderfully shared the history of the property, his learning experience, gave great hints for preparing beds and sowing seeds. He shared his knowledge on creating cold compost and Complete Organic Fertiliser. We wait to hear how his experiment of heavily mulching his tomatoes, to combat weeds, goes. Without a doubt everyone there was very inspired by his commitment and passion in growing clean food for our community.

Then thirteen of us travelled over to the Co-op for hearty pumpkin, leek and lentil soup, produce provided by our local growers and food Co-op. Back in the warmth of the Co-op, Zoe explained the history of the Vege Box program, how it works and the wonderful tool kit, which can even include the computer program to make the the system efficient and effective.

The mix of people attending the tour included people interested in creating a community supported agriculture in their area, current and potential growers for Channel Living and Vege Box subscribers inspired to see where and how their veges are grown.