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Would you like to grow produce for us?

We are always interested in new growers. Please contact the Local Food for Local People Co-ordinator to express interest and find out more.

Local Food for Local People Vision statement

Channel Living’s Local Food for Local People (LFLP) Program aims to increase sustainable agricultural activity in the Channel area and surrounds so that residents can have access to fresh local, healthy produce, in a resilient community with a low carbon footprint. LFLP supports growers with training opportunities and by providing a stable, predictable, profitable market in the form of a “vege box” scheme and retail sales for excess produce.

Local Food for Local People (LFLP) is a Community Supported Agriculture Program run through the not-for-profit community group, Channel Living Inc. LFLP is a not-for-profit program and any funds generated are returned directly to the program. Channel Living Inc. employs two staff members to operate the program: a Co-ordinator (currently paid 6 hours per fortnight) and a Packing Manager (currently paid 22 hours per fortnight). These staff members also contribute several volunteer hours per fortnight. LFLP is overseen by a voluntary Steering Group comprised of Channel Living members, including but not limited to: a business advisor, grower(s), subscriber(s), LFLP Co-ordinator and LFLP Packing Manager. The program is dependent on other volunteer assistance, mostly in the form of packing assistants.

Local Food for Local People co-ordinates a subscription “vege box” system, where subscribers commit in advance to be supplied with a weekly box or bag of vegetables. This provides local vegetable growers access to a dedicated, reliable market for the produce they nominate to grow (growers commit in advance to what items they will supply the scheme with). LFLP also purchases extra produce from growers to sell on to Channel Living members on a casual basis.

Please see the Grower’s Agreement page for specific details of being involved, or contact the Co-ordinator for more information.


LFLP Documents for growers

Growers’ Agreement

Guidelines for growers (principles of our growers)

Grower’s Expression of Interest form (for potential new growers)

What is organic growing?

Presentation Standards

Product Price List 2014-2015 (access to existing growers only)

Crop Allocation winter/spring 2014 (access to existing growers only)

Shared information for LFLP growers (access to existing growers only)

Price Review Application Form

Statement By a Supplier (for growers without an ABN)


Further resources for growers


Solomon, Steve – Growing Vegetables South of Australia
Ellis, Barbara W & Bradley, Fern Marshall – The Organic Gardener’s handbook of natural insect and disease control

Journal articles

Elementals – Journal of Bio-Dynamics Tasmania #79: Seed sowing & transplanting calendar
Scheduling Vegetable Plantings for Continuous Harvest –
Market Gardening: A start-up guide:


Eden seeds sowing & planting guide:
Peter Cundalls planting and sowing guide
NASAA organic seeds & seedlings list (look under “Certification – Policy” for info sheet PO05):
BFA suppliers of certified organic seeds and seedlings:
More resources for growers:


Documents to Download:

Yield per acre and seed quantity

Planting calendar

Vegetable availability calendar

Potential Seed Sources

Record Keeping in the Garden