What’s in the vegie box/bag……

Thanks to volunteers Kim Creef, Kate Wilson, Joyce Reed and Nathalie Laurence for helping pack today…..the growers delivered lots of lush spring goodness for the boxes and bags today…enjoy!
As Spring is the leanest time of year for our growers, many things are growing but not necessarily ready yet….we may have to substitute vegies with whole foods, preserves or for this week some delightful wildflower honey for the boxes.
Heinz from Five Bob Farm has passed on a yummy recipe for Radicchio, which is in the boxes, purple leaf in a cellophane bag:

Radicchio with Balsamic dressing and shaved Pecorino

Wash Radicchio. In a large pan, heat oil over medium-high. Add Radicchio and season with salt and pepper. Quickly cook, tossing, until tender, about 2 minutes. Add balsamic vinegar and balsamic sweet glaze vinegar and stir to combine. Transfer to plate and sprinkle with shaved Pecorino (or goat cheese).

The tiny micro greens have been placed on top of the combined pea and sunflower tendrils…….eat raw or sprinkle on top of soup, egg dishes or risotto.

The Asian Herb bunch for the boxes consists of Vietnamese basil, basil, lemongrass, coriander and garlic chives….enjoy with laksa and curries.

Miners lettuce…..a fleshy succulent green that was eaten by miners in California to stave off scurvy. All parts of the plant are edible, and can be eaten as a salad green or mixed with other salad ingredients.

Beetroot….Do you have these deep red balls hiding in the bottom of your fridge and each week more keep coming to add to your collection? Here are a few ideas: choc beetroot fudge, beetroot risotto, fresh grated beetroot with salads, roasted beetroot with your next roast, pickled beetroot, beetroot/potato hash browns, beetroot hommus,….make the most of this rainy weather and get creative with beetroot!

In this week’s box/bag, you will find these vegies from these growers:
Red Splendour Apples (boxes) Petcheys Bay Organic Farm
Pak Choy (bags) Zoe & Dan Magnus
Asian herb bunch (boxes) Five Bob Farm
Beetroot Old School Farm
Broccoli (bags) Zoe & Dan Magnus
Chives (boxes) Five Bob Farm
Coriander (bags) Golden Valley Farm
Lemons Donated from a friends farm in Deviot
Local honey (boxes) Dick williams
miners lettuce (boxes) Five Bob Farm
Mixed micro greens Clancy Carver
Mixed mushroom punnet Cygnet Mushroom Farm
Pea and sunflower tendrils Naked Carrot
Dutch Cream Potatoes Butch; Lynnette Lakin
radicchio (boxes) Five Bob Farm
Rhubarb – red (boxes) Five Bob Farm
Salad mix Golden Valley Farm
Rainbow chard – bunched Old School Farm
Silver beet – baby (boxes) Zoe & Dan Magnus
This is where your produce has come from this morning:
Butch Margate
Clancy Carver Kettering
Cygnet Mushroom Farm Cygnet
Dick Williams Kettering
Five Bob Farm Birchs Bay
Golden Valley Farm Cygnet
Lynnette Lakin Nicholls Rivulet
Naked Carrot Mt Nelson
Old School Farm Preston
Petcheys Bay Organic Farm  Petcheys Bay
Zoe & Dan Magnus Woodbridge
Have a great weekend,

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