What’s in the box/bag this week…..

Thanks to volunteers Lynnette and Graeme Lakin and Douglas Lumb for helping pack today….another brilliant job done with much laughter!
The FN boxes and bags got cabbage and the weekly boxes got baby silver beet this week.
For those of you who have a swede lurking in your fridge and you are unsure of what to do with it???  Last night I cooked up Swede hash browns with poached eggs and the family loved it!! See the recipe attached below…it is from the free woolworths magazine.
Enjoy a hot lemon drink with fresh ginger and honey to keep the colds and flu at bay.
Baby leeks can be roasted, or added to quiches or just potato and leek soup.
In this week’s box, you will find these vegies from these growers:
Red splendour and fuji Apples (boxes) Petcheys Bay Organic Farm 
Beetroot Forest Hill Farm
Broccoli (bags) Zoe & Dan Magnus
Cabbage (bags & FN boxes) Old School Farm
Carrots – Purple Forest Hill Farm
Garlic Old School Farm
Leek – baby Seven Springs Farm
Lemons (boxes) Jane Anderson
Pea tendrils Naked Carrot
King Edward(boxes) and Nicola(bags) Potatoes Forest Hill Farm
Sweet grey pumpkin Forest Hill Farm
Rhubarb – red (boxes) Lalani Hyatt; Lynnette Lakin
Salad mix Golden Valley Farm
Silverbeet – baby (weekly boxes) Zoe & Dan Magnus
Swede (bags) Old School Farm
This is where your produce has come from this morning:
Forest Hill Farm Latrobe
Golden Valley Farm Cygnet
Jane Anderson Kettering
Lalani Hyatt Margate
Lynnette Lakin Nicholls Rivulet
Naked Carrot Mt Nelson
Old School Farm Preston
Petcheys Bay Organic Farm Petcheys Bay 
Seven Springs Farm Lorinna
Zoe & Dan Magnus Woodbridge
Have a great weekend,

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