Cam’s bread is back at the Co-op….YAY!

The Co-op had the most delicious smell of home baked bread last week…..Cam the bread man from Cygnet delivered his bounty Friday lunchtime; Crusty spelt bread, olive bread, six grain loaves, sourdough and rye, Italian Ciabatta, and the yummiest focaccia’s with red onion and cherry tomatoes baked on top….Most of the loaves were sold by 4pm! 

Opening hours: On Saturday we are only open till 12.30 not 2.30 as stated on the last email…sorry it was a typing error.

South Australian Organic Apricots are back!  Come in and have a taste of this delightful dried fruit.

What’s on offer at the fresh produce market this week……..Beetroot, garlic, salad mix, carrots, shitake mushrooms, pumpkins, royal gala apples, sweet corn, desiree potatoes, king Edward potatoes, and Russian banana potatoes.

What’s in the vegie box/bag this week………basil, carrots, suilverbeet, eggplant, shitake mushrooms, Russian banana potatoes, salad mix, and sweet corn. Boxes have extra beetroot, capsicum, leeks, pumpkin, radishes, and tomatoes.

The vege boxes/bag now have a delivery to KINGSTON!
If you are interested in a bag/box please call Amanda on 0437 211 389.

Many thanks to our wonderful volunteers for helping at the Co-op……your smiles are much appreciated.

Have a great weekend,


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