What’s in the box/bag this week…….

Dear Subscribers,
Thanks to volunteers Annie Wilson, Anne Edwards and Marg Thalmann for helping pack today, it is always a delightful way to spend a few hours amongst the sweet smelling basil and fresh tomatoes. A big thanks to Anni who volunteers her precious time to do up the volunteers roster each month…you are a gem!
Easy Basil and Tomato pasta sauce: In the morning, chop up tomatoes, garlic and basil and mix in some sea salt and olive oil, cover with a lid and leave for the day!  When you get home from work, simply boil pasta and add the tomato mix, lots of parmesan cheese and enjoy………
New Kingston drop off…..We now deliver to Kingston…yay!!  The new bulk food store in Kingston “unpacked” has offered to be a drop off depot for Channel Living vege boxes/bags. So if you know anyone who wants a box/bag in the Kingston area…let them know we now deliver.
Thanks for your patience with our new invoice system for payment!
In this week’s box, you will find these veges from these growers:
Asian greens whole or loose with big stems (boxes) Longley Organic Farm
Basil Nik Magnus
Beetroot Golden Valley Farm
Capsicum (boxes) Nik Magnus
Carrots – premium Marcus Thalmann; Lesley Perkins
Eggplant (boxes) Nik Magnus
Leeks (boxes) Golden Valley Farm
Onions – spring (scallions) (bags) Lesley Perkins
Parsley (boxes) Five Bob Farm
King Edward Potatoes Lynnette Lakin
Pumpkin cut or small whole pumpkin Lenny Williams
Radishes (boxes) Golden Valley Farm
Salad mix Golden Valley Farm
Sweet corn– premium Lynnette Lakin; Nik Magnus
Tomatoes – cherry Marcus Thalmann
This is where your produce has come from this morning:
Five Bob Farm Birchs Bay
Golden Valley Farm Cygnet
Lenny Williams Middleton
Lesley Perkins Sandfly
Longley Organic Farm Longley
Lynnette Lakin Nicholls Rivulet
Marcus Thalmann Snug
Nik Magnus Lymington
Have a great weekend,

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