What’s in the vege box/bag this week…..

Dear Subscribers,

Thanks to volunteers Annie Wilson, Marg Thalmann and her daughter Phoebe and Anne Edwards for helping pack today.…we enjoyed crunchy gala apples just picked this morning and some homemade choc cake!

Some boxes have green capsicum and others will have a golden nugget pumpkin this week.
Do you need tomatoes to preserve? One of our growers is selling tomatoes at $2.50kg…..great price!
Please contact Marcus Thalmaan  0419 139 584
Tarragon is delightful chopped up finely and added to softened butter then add to any potato. chicken, and fish dish!  If you put it in the fridge and then roll it up in baking paper, then put in freezer it will last for a long time.
On Thursday you should receive a “What’s on at the Co-op…” email, and in the write up it will tell you what is coming up in the box/bag, so you know prior to Friday pick up….let me know if you do not receive this.
Remember to put your green bag of produce in a plastic bag to keep it fresh for the whole week……then the bag can be composted!

In this week’s box/bag,you will find these veges from these growers:

Gala Apples Alf & Maggi Carver
Bok choy(boxes) Fat Carrot Farm
Basil (boxes) Nik Magnus
Beans – butter/french/bush/stringless (bags) Lynnette Lakin
Beetroot Golden Valley Farm
Capsicum (boxes) Nik Magnus
Carrots – premium Marcus Thalmann
Cucumber – hothouse Dan Meldrum; Kettering Kitchen
Kale – bunched (bags) Nik Magnus
Onions – spring (scallions) Lynnette Lakin
King Edward Potatoes Lynnette Lakin
Golden nugget pumpkin (boxes) Golden Valley Farm
Salad mix (boxes) Golden Valley Farm
Spinach – English (boxes) Kettering Kitchen
Sweet corn– premium (bags) Nik Magnus
Tarragon (boxes) Five Bob Farm
Tomatoes Fat Carrot Farm
Tomatoes – cherry Marcus Thalmann
Zucchini (boxes) Golden Valley Farm

This is where your produce has come from this morning:

Alf & Maggi Carver Woodbridge
Dan Meldrum Gardners Bay
Fat Carrot Farm Oyster Cove
Five Bob Farm Birchs Bay
Golden Valley Farm Cygnet
Kettering Kitchen Kettering
Lynnette Lakin Nicholls Rivulet
Marcus Thalmann Snug
Nik Magnus Lymington

Have a wonderful week,

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