Cam’s bread is back at the Co-op….YAY!

The Co-op had the most delicious smell of home baked bread last week…..Cam the bread man from Cygnet delivered his bounty Friday lunchtime; Crusty spelt bread, olive bread, six grain loaves, sourdough and rye, Italian Ciabatta, and the yummiest focaccia’s with red onion and cherry tomatoes baked on top….Most of the loaves were sold by 4pm! 

Opening hours: On Saturday we are only open till 12.30 not 2.30 as stated on the last email…sorry read more....

What’s in the vegie box/bag………

Dear Subscribers,
Thanks to volunteers Triny Fitzgerald, Nathalie Laurence, and Lynnette & Graeme Lakin for helping pack today….and to my daughter Stella for making us a lemon & apple cake to keep us going!
I made the most delicious rhubarb cake the other day, so if you are feeling creative this weekend here is the simple Recipe:
60g butter
380g brown sugar
300g S.R flour
2 eggs
250ml sour cream
1 tsp salt read more....

What’s in the vege box/bag this week…..

Dear Subscribers,

Thanks to volunteers Annie Wilson, Marg Thalmann and her daughter Phoebe and Anne Edwards for helping pack today.…we enjoyed crunchy gala apples just picked this morning and some homemade choc cake!

Some boxes have green capsicum and others will have a golden nugget pumpkin this week.
Do you need tomatoes to preserve? One of our growers is selling tomatoes at $2.50kg…..great price!
Please contact Marcus Thalmaan  0419 139 584
Tarragon is delightful
read more....

What’s in the vegie box/bag this week…..

Thanks to volunteer Lynnette Lakin, 

and our French woofers Sarah and Ben?jamin

for helping pack today.

?…..we loved to hear their French accents for vegie names, and they tried a nashi pear for the first time!  Also beetroot is sold only cooked at the French markets, so they were interested to hear Australians eat beetroot raw and cooked. ?
The boxes have a round, green gem squash. One of our growers, Heinz has shared his read more....

What’s in the vegie box/bag

Thanks to volunteers Ineke , Joyce Reed

and her delightful dog Jack that kept guard at the door!

and Triny Fitzgerald for helping pack today.

 The Mexican Salsa Verde is made from Tomatillo.  Tomatillo is a fruit which looks similar to a small green tomato but it’s quite sour. When used to make the salsa verde it lends a delicious fresh, slightly sour flavour to the salsa which taste delicious on meats and basically anything … read more....

What’s in the box/bag this week…….

Dear Subscribers,
Thanks to volunteers Babs Reed, Annie Wilson and her grand daughters Tallulah and Flossy for helping pack the colourful vegies…young and old we had fun packing and chatting today!
The bags have a leafy green called Amaranth, which is Indian spinach and can be used as you would spinach in any dish. Especially yummy with Indian recipes.
The blueberry season is nearly over, and we have a grower who has a special price … read more....

What’s in the bag / box this week 8/1/15

Welcome back to the Vege boxes......and this week I reckon is one of the most versatile and 100% locally grown we have had in months! Thanks to volunteers Anne Edwards, Annie Wilson and Susan Friend for helping pack today.......lots of wonderful stories from our Christmas break! The pink eye potatoes are the ones with the purple bits, there is also a sprig of mint kindly donated by one of our subscribers. These potatoes are best eaten steamed, no need to peel, serve with the chopped mint, salt and pepper....yum!

Want access to FRESH LOCAL VEGGIES weekly?

We have been connecting growers with happy subscribers through Channel Living’s vege box program for twelve months and now we’re ready to take on more subscribers. We have whole (family-sized) boxes and half (couple-sized) boxes available (for a limited time only!). To find out more, contact Zoe ( or 0407 323 761 or 62674437).read more....